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Real Estate Digital Displays

Valued partnerships with unique lifetime guarantee

Valued partnerships with unique lifetime guarantee

Digital signage without the risk. Scheduled upgrades and free technology refreshes including screen replacements. Peter Blackshaw, Canberra
Interactive digital signage

Interactive digital signage

All Crystal Displays are "touch ready" and can be easily upgraded, plus only Crystal Display can reach your audience with the power of SMS. Century 21, Neutral Bay
Powerful and elegant graphics

Powerful and elegant graphics

Digital Signage is an extension of your brand and marketing, only Crystal Display delivers the quality graphics you deserve Real Estate "list view"
Brightest and most vibrant screens available

Brightest and most vibrant screens available

Digital Displays are there to be seen and there's only one way to achieve this. Crystal Display uses the worlds brightest LCD display technology available. Slimline 42 and Standard 32

Digital signage without the risk

Crystal Display offers clients a premium service, it's the only hassle free option available for digital signage. With a partner program that provides the coverage of a genuine lifetime guarantee, including unlimited service and support as well as and all repairs, replacement parts and labour, the choice for digital signage becomes Crystal Clear.

When you become a Crystal Display partner you immediately enjoy the benefits of our service guarantee. This includes:

  • Unlimited technical support and training
  • All repairs, parts and labour included
  • No dismantling or major onsite servicing
  • All servicing and maintenance at no cost

Servicing and Maintenance

As a Crystal Display partner you never have to worry about faults or problems. Crystal Display will carry out all repairs and maintenance at no additional cost to you, even if the entire unit requires replacement.

In the event a system requires major repair work, Crystal Display will not turn your agency shop-front into an unsightly make-shift workshop. Crystal Display company policy is similar to that of a Rolls Royce, the display unit will be swapped out and repairs will be carried out offsite.

Our business model is your advantage

Our Partner business model is the very opposite to that of our competitors and this is a very important point of difference for our company. Crystal Display's Partner business model (being a lease) requires our products to achieve the greatest level of reliability as possible, put simply we can't afford to be spending time and money responding to what are preventable issues. In an effort to achieve this low maintenance goal we invest heavily in the design of our products, we carefully select every component used and our decisions are focused purely on maximising quality and reliability whilst minimising the risk of failure. The outcome of this is better quality products.

If you consider our competitors business models, they're largely sales oriented which is more focused on maximising margin and revenue on each sale and the traditional method for achieving this is to reduce overheads and cutting costs by sourcing cheaper components and cutting corners to produce greater returns. In a traditional sales oriented business model, pressure always exists to produce bigger and better returns and the standard way to achieve this is through making decisions that we believe ultimately compromises on quality, after all - once it's in your hands, it's not their problem.

What's really covered by the Warranty?

When considering a digital signage system, it pays to read the fine-print of warranties and guarantees as quite often the warranty will omit pertinent conditions such as image retention (otherwise known as burn-in) and most manufacturers of LCD displays void the warranty if placed in direct sunlight. In some cases this can be used to trigger a warranty claim rejection, even if it's completely unrelated issue such as a faulty power supply.

Why become a Crystal Partner?

If you carefully consider all of the facts such as the lifetime guarantee and value-added inclusions, the choice becomes Crystal clear - our partners receive the benefits of a guaranteed product.

With Crystal Display, you're never in the position of paying for a digital window display that doesn't even see out the "warranty period".

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